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Client Support Fund

Life Unlimited is a team of Christian counsellors and psychotherapists who are dedicated to the wellbeing of clients.  As a part of this commitment we have a support fund that is available for clients who have the need for professional counselling and psychotherapy but have limited means.

Clients who are eligible for the client support fund have a variety of backgrounds and needs. One group of clients who benefit from the fund are those who have experienced child abuse from caregivers. We have all read and heard the news about the high incidence of abuse in New Zealand. Adults who have suffered abuse and neglect as children may have difficulty recovering from their past. This can impact upon them, their families and their communities. However, with sufficient time, therapy and care these people can recover and contribute in the community in a way they had not believed possible.

Some clients do receive help from WINZ and ACC sensitive claims. However many people do not qualify for the help they require and are left feeling worthless and hopeless. As Christians and as trained professionals, we want to bridge the gap and support these clients toward hope and a better future.

Life Unlimited is a charitable trust and we accept donations for our client support fund.  Contributing to our support fund is a way in which you are a very real part of impacting our community.  You are joining in our ministry to those who suffer and can be helped by our services. By donating to this fund you are touching those who are trapped in despair and helping them to create a life worth living. We invite you to be a part of the solution and to donate to our support fund.

You will be eligible for 33.33% rebate on any donations (up to 33.33% of your taxable income) when you donate to Life Unlimited Trust.  You can donate in any of the following ways:

*Direct debit into our bank account: 02 0192 0414426 00. Make sure you email us,or post us with your name and address so we can send you a receipt.

*Print off the PDF form below and post to us to make a one off or regular donation.

Life Unlimited Automatic Payment Form



Rhonda is a sensitive and professional therapist, filled with humanity. I always felt she truly cared about me, my concerns and pain. Rhonda helped me discover so many things about myself,while leading me to a solid path of healing. She changed my life.


Therapy at Life Unlimited gave me the space to grieve and accept these places and then enabled me to live a completely new life.