Welcome to Life Unlimited Counselling & Seminar Services.

We provide personal counselling and psychotherapy in a confidential setting. Our main rooms are situated in Community Spaces, 1/415 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland. All our counsellors and psychotherapists are fully trained professionals and members of the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association and other professional associations.

Life Unlimited Vision

Our approach is holistic encompassing the spiritual, emotional and physical nature of people. We respect the integrity and potential of the individual and our goal is to come alongside each person, as they take steps to live in greater wholeness and fulfillment.

We want to make our professional services available to a wide range of people as well as some with limited financial resources. We utilize resources through WINZ and ACC but are aware that these avenues for ongoing funding are not always available to everyone that needs the support. We do have in place a Client Support Fund to enable a portion of clients to receive assistance with their counselling and psychotherapy. As Life Unlimited Trust is a charitable trust, we are able to receive donations that contribute directly to the professional care of people who are in need and have experienced some very difficult starts to life.

Charlotte Bell and Liz Maluschnig

Founder’s of Life Unlimited

Life Unlimited was established in 1990 with the Trust being formed in 1995. In 1990 Life Unlimited was founded by Charlotte Bell and Liz Maluschnig, who had a vision for seeing a professional counselling and psychotherapy service established with Christian values as the foundation to the service. Liz moved to Wanaka, so while there is a team of professionals in Auckland, counselling services are also provided for the Wanaka region.